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Krosno, ul. PiLsudskiego 16

The glass from Subcarpathian glass factories

The purpose of the exhibition “The glass from Subcarpathian glass factories” is connected with presenting the Krosno Glass Heritage and describing the historical outline of the world glass industry.

There are collected glass exposits with decorative-utility and artistic character.

The exhibition is complemented by photographs, archives and graphics describing the history of glass-making from ancient times to the end of the 20th century. The exhibition has an additional asset that emphasizes its special character. It is located in the historic basement of the Bishop’s Palace. After Poland had regained independence in the 20th century, there started the increased development of the glass industry. Numerous glassworks were established at that time, mainly in the south of the country. The construction of the glassworks in Krosno began in 1923 and already on 24 January 1924 the production started. The factory was the property of the public corporation “Polish Glass Factories” from Cracow. First glassworkers came to Krosno from Żółkwia, Piotrków Trybunalski and Silesian glass factories. The glass produced in the factory was diverse, from utilitarian to illuminating. During the German occupation, the factory was supervised by Dr Oskar Happak. The company got a name “Polnische Glashütten” Actien Gesellschaft Krosno.

 In 1944 the factory buildings were burnt down by the retreating Germans. The glassworkers rebuilt the workshop and already in 1945 in the factory were produced the first products – slides for the paraffin lamps. The technical Glass Factory “Polanka” started working in 1958 and along with Economic Glassware Company “Krosno” created one concern “Krosno Glass Factories”. In the following years, the plant absorbed newly established factories: two household glassworks „Krosno II” (1962), the Technical Glassworks in Jasło (1967), „Krosno III” (1970) and „Glass Fibre Plant” (1971). 

From 1968 in the Subcarpathian region numerous private glass factories produced utility, decorative-utilitarian and artistic glass. The Artistic Glassworks J. D. M. KAZANA s.c. in Dobieszyn was the first to start its activity. In the following years were created: ”Inco-Veritas Tarnowiec Glassworks” in Tarnowiec, KAMA Business Glassworks in Brzozów, JÓZEFINA Glassworks in Krosno, STYLMARK s.c. Production and Trading Company in Krosno, Household Glassware Manufacture s.c. in Rogi, MAKORA Ornamental Glassworks in Krosno, DECO-GLASS Ltd. in Krosno, ARTIS Glassworks in Szebnie, GLASS MINIATURES in Krosno, SABINA Ltd. Artistic and Economic Glassworks in Rymanów, MARITO Glassworks in Iwonicz, GALICJAN Artistic Glassworks in Tarnowiec, JUSTYNA Glassworks s.c. in Sanok, Artistic Glass Manufactory POLISH GLASS s.c. in Żarnowiec, VILLA Glass Studio in Krosno, MIKA GLASS Glassworks in Krosno, Artistic Studio of Stanisław Mol in Krosno, Artistic Gallery EYES OF GLASS in Krosno, Artistic Glass Studio DECOR Witold Śliwinski in Zręcin, Artistic Studio of Mateusz Maraj in Odrzykoń, Bronisław Giefert Artistic Studio in Łężany and Glass Studio Habrat in Krosno.

For about fifty years...

the majority of the Krosno Glassworks products have been sold on markets all over the world. The excellent class artists, designers, glass decorators, glassworkers and technologists are devoted to forming the glassware. These wonderful people guarantee the continuation of the rich glass traditions in our region. All the glassware is made in soda-lime glass, commonly known as economic. The production is hand-made and this is the oldest method known in the glass industry. This method of forming demands from a glassworker a good knowledge of the properties of the glass mass as it cools. Mastery of this art makes it possible to decorate products during their shaping, using so-called glass-creating methods.

The Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno from 1960 is one of the few institutions that collect contemporary glass in Poland. In the collection of the Department of Glass and Glass Industry History, you can find mainly exhibits and archives from Krosno Glass Factories and other glass factories that work in the Subcarpathian region. In the exhibition there we present the glass produced – utility, decorative-utility and artistic forms. The collection presented is a result of many years of production experience and the effect of the unique fascination with glass. The exhibition „Glass from the Subcarpathian Glassworks” is an excellent testimony of high level, as well as continuous development and progress of glass industry functioning in the area of „Podkarpacie Glass District”.


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